For the Budding Writer in You….

“The joy of reading is surpassed only by the joy of writing” – Anonymous

As much as technology might advance, the era of books is one that can never end. The only thing that can change is the medium of reading. Today we have hordes of different tablets, phones, phablets and other such e-reading sources to read our books on. However, all avid readers will agree that these devices certainly cannot match the feeling of walking into a bookstore and being surrounded by shelves and shelves of fresh books. E-books though convenient do not possess the magical aroma of the pages of a new book but nonetheless, their charm is undeniable. Each book has a significance of its own, irrespective of what you read it on.

While millions of people like reading books, there are just a few that make active efforts to write one themselves. There are many reasons why budding authors curb their aspirations, like the fear of failure or the thought that they wouldn’t find anyone to publish their book. These are legitimate concerns; however, one must never let these thoughts get the better of themselves.  A stupendous example of an author who went from “rags to riches” is the writer of the famous “Harry Potter” Series, J.K.Rowling. After conceiving the idea for her book in 1990, Rowling saw seven years of immense struggle that included the death of her mother, the birth of her first child, her divorce with her first husband and relative poverty. It was in 1997 that her first book, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” got published. In the following years, her struggle paid off. She progressed from living on state benefits to being the world’s first billionaire author. Another such story is that of Stephen King. Formerly a janitor, pump attendant and worker at an industrial laundry, King’s first novel, “Carrie” was rejected by thirty publishers. In frustration, he even threw the manuscript away, however, his wife urged him to keep trying. Eventually, his novel got published and acclaimed critical appreciation. Stephen progressed from having to live in a trailer to living in his mansion in Maine.
The list of such authors is endless.

Writing is never a liability. It involves zero investment (well except from a pen and a paper) and serves as a great hobby as well. Live your life without regrets. Do things that set your soul on fire, and if its writing a book, all the more wonderful. Just pick up your pen (or laptop) and start writing. Becoming an author has never been easier.

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