Yes I Can – Publishing your first book!

Imagine. Plan. Materialize.

The aforementioned steps summarize an author’s journey of writing a book. However, authors that do make it through the writing stage are faced with yet another humongous task: getting their book published.

The types of publishing can be concisely categorized under two categories: Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing.

Traditional publishing is a long and strenuous process that includes the involvement of a literary agent. Literary agents receive an average of 2000 manuscripts each year out of which only a selected few are chosen to be negotiated with the publishing house. Furthermore, the publishing house also holds the liberty to reject manuscripts proposed by the literary agent. Therefore, the chances of getting a book published by the traditional method become minimal. Authors choosing the Traditional method of publishing face numerous rejections, however, they must never give up. The international bestseller “Chicken soup for the soul” by Jack Canfield faced 140 rejections before being picked up by a publisher. It was sheer will and belief of the author that landed the book where it currently is.

Self Publishing Services

Self-Publishing, on the other hand, is a quicker and rejection-less method of publishing a book. There are various platforms and agencies that help authors self-publish their book. However, this process requires the author to put in effort and time. To minimize their work, authors can choose to hire companies that can guide them through the process of self-publishing and market their book as well. Many companies also offer self-publishing packages that include creation and uploading of E-book on national and international websites, distribution of books in bookstores around the country and marketing plans as well. Nonetheless, the author should be wary of vanity publishers that charge ridiculous amounts of money in exchange for inefficient services.

Writing a book is just the beginning of a writer’s journey to seeing their books on sale. As cumbersome as the path may seem, it surely is rewarding and satisfying. The world will change, buildings may collapse and rise again, technology may advance to unimaginable feats, however, human beings’ tendency to read will always live on.

Good Luck to all the budding writers!!!