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01 Simple Packages

  • Customisable packages - Standard and Extended
  • Free publishing in case you have print ready files

02 Sales & Royalty Transparency

  • Sales Dashboard & Monthly Royalty Payout
  • Sales Notification within 24 hours
  • Live Sharing of Publisher’s Dashboard

03 Highest Royalty

We provide the industry’s highest royalty payout.


04 Competitive MRP

Our better cost structure helps you to price the book at a more competitive MRP.

05 Pro-Author Agreement

Some of the features / clauses explicitly mentioned in our pro-Author agreement:

  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Package / Services / Costing details
  • Timeline agreed upon
  • Payment Instalment Plan
  • Non binding
  • Sharing of all source files

06 Instalments Based Plan

Get started by paying as low as 25% of the agreement value. Remaining instalments at completion of each milestone.

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