Chandrajit Dey

Chandrajit Dey

Mr Chandrajit Dey is in the Civil Services under the West Bengal government and works in the Land Dept. He has been writing since childhood and has got several prizes in various writing competitions. 

published Books

Secret Safe Method For Easiest Self Healing

This book will help to understand our own physical problem and remove those from the system by ownself. This method will not be controlled by specialized people; general people can use it successfully without having any medicinal knowledge. It is the remembrance to mankind of glorious disease free past. It will lead towards the expansion of own understanding to get rid of nagging health issues of day to day life. Here to find a way out from present system of fear, ill health etc, it is propagated that right food with active life is medicine while wrong food with inactive life is poison for health. This method is useful for any people who can understand language to reciprocate the actions to lead healthy life. But in case of any emergency, doubt about self-healing power of body, it is always better to consult medically trained physicians for health advice.

Philosophy Of Philanthropic Economics

Writer of this book is in Civil Service under West Bengal Gov and works in Land Dept. He is writing since childhood and got several prizes on various writing competitions. He tried to express various scholarly items studied since childhood in a new manner by assimilating all those in the light of his own thoughts. A lot of difficult things expressed in a easy lucid way which is understandable and applicable irrespective of nation, caste, color, creed, sex etc. Here in this book a bunch of ideas in response to the present social, political, economic and administrative situations are discussed to eradicate poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, corruption, pollution etc. These are apolitical ideas to do good for all selflessly to establish a society where ‘Rule of Love’ will guide all actions. Problems of Government and people inhabited are discussed here with reasonable solutions to turn the world into a happy peaceful one. Here Economics is mingled with spiritualism which is discussed in the light of modern psychology and physics. Here the perception of life includes everything of this world is inter connected by one primordial energy. Each animal, plant even lifeless things are the creation of love of Universal Consciousness which is not visible at the present set of body conditions. Without controlled by any ideologies, best thoughts of various ‘ism, political party, political leader, spiritual sect, spiritual leader’ etc are tried to be combined to form a new one to create a new era of prosperity. The application part of this theory i.e administration in such economy is also discussed in a detailed manner. Simple solutions of various problems in economy are devised for all the sectors of life to face several up and down to make life of in habitants simple, peaceful but prosperous where each one will get equal level of minimum facilities to excel.

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