Ms. Priyanka Gautam

Ms. Priyanka Gautam

Priyanka Gautam is from Delhi and has completed her post-graduation from Delhi University in Political Science. She believes in expressing her positive thinking and unwavering strength of relationships, feelings and nature through the medium of Hindi poems and ‘shayari’. An incredible effective person to write thoughts in the form of poetry completely with her pen. Priyanka's article carries a naturalistic vision.

Has various publications in anthology, got awards for stage presentations for Hindi poems. 

She believes in sports, physical fitness and yoga. Has played cricket in university level.

published Books

Afsaane Mere Dil Ke

There are various aspects of life - emotions, feelings, love, happiness, sad, motivational moments, nature and food. My book ‘Afsaane Mere Dil Ke’ brings a conscience realisation of these aspects from my pen written ‘dil se’. The motive of my writings came on paper from summer 2021 with a clear articulation into a book by my Guru Dr Awadh Kishor Pandit. My book should imbibe the gracious feelings from my pen in people’s beautiful life. This book ‘Afsaane Mere Dil Ke’ has Hindi poems and Shayari which certainly has motivational lines and also should bring strength to relations and feelings of every person in this world.

Afsaane Mere Dil Ke (Hindi)

मेरे जीवन के विभिन्न पहलू हैं; मेरी भावनाएं, प्यार, खुशी, दुख, प्रेरक-क्षण, प्रकृति प्रमुख है। मेरी किताब ‘अफसाने मेरे दिल के’ मेरी कलम ‘दिल से’ लिखी इन पहलुओं की आंतरिक बोध कराती है। मेरे लेखन का उद्देश्य मेरे गुरू “अवध” जी द्वारा पुस्तकों में स्पष्ट अभिव्यक्ति की है। साथ ही 2021 के ग्रीष्म रितु में कागजों के पन्नों पर मेरे शब्दों की बेला प्रस्तुत की। मेरी पुस्तक में लोगों के जीवन सौंदर्य में कलम से अनुग्रह की भावनाओं को आत्मसात् और उत्साह प्रस्तुत कराती है।

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