22 Dec 2021

Marketing tips & tricks to sell your book

Marketing tips & tricks to sell your book

For any author, whether they take the traditional route or the self-publishing one, there are two parts to any sort of book project. The first, of course, involves writing a manuscript and working with an editor or proofreader to improve the language and making it ready for the press. And the second, perhaps a tougher process, is the actual selling of the book—which involves the use of social media, news outlets, and other avenues. 

It can be quite tricky to navigate the world of book marketing. At times, it might seem that your efforts are leading nowhere. So, here are a few tips to help you along the way, to make it easier for you to market a book you’ve so lovingly written.

Build a website to promote your work:

In this day and age, the most important thing is to have an online presence. Established authors have their own Wikipedia pages, or interviews and reviews from where readers can know more about them and their work. But for first-time or upcoming authors, it is absolutely necessary to have a website where potential readers, reviewers can learn more about the person whose work they are going to read, or have read. 

Not only do you have to present a brief bio, but you also have to provide links to other published work, or upcoming projects, so that readers can get a better insight into your writing skills. 

Create author accounts on social media platforms: 

Websites aren’t enough when it comes to an online presence; authors have to find a way to allow readers and fans to access the backstage, where they can learn further tidbits about the writer. Social media profiles (like that on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) are necessary to engage the audience and bring more people into your circle. 

But that is not all. You can use social media to run sponsored ads, hold giveaways, and even live readings. For an upcoming author, who may not have access to larger news outlets, social media is the best platform to market oneself. 

Get a published writer or an expert to send the blurb for your book: 

Unlike the summary of a book, which gives a brief and neutral description of the book, a blurb is a short quote about the book by a well-known author or reviewer or an expert that rests on the front or back of a book cover. If it’s on the front, it’s usually one or two-lines-long, so that it quickly grabs the readers’ attention, and if it’s at the back, it can go up to three or four (maybe even a bit more) lines. 

It’s important to have a blurb that gives a qualitative description of the book without simply being something like, “This is the best book I’ve ever read.” Such a quote doesn’t really help a reader understand what the book is exactly about. 

Use your website and social media platforms to reveal the title and cover of your book: 

Many established authors take this route when announcing a new project—they’ll either do a countdown of the title reveal or they will post a video about the cover the book. It’s the perfect way to build anticipating and ensure that readers are curious about your writing. In the case of first-time or upcoming writers, the use of eclectic graphics and mediums will give an air of mystery to your building audience, and make them eager to see what you’ve written about.

You can partner with other authors or social media influencers to do a reveal of both—the cover and the title—for they will be able to bring their readers to your platform. 

Send advance copies to bloggers and reviewers: 

When a new movie comes out, we tend to look for its reviews online or in newspapers. A critic’s insight is crucial, sometimes, in our decision to buy a ticket or not. In the same way, book reviewers have an important job in reading a novel or novella and presenting their point of view on how the writing made them feel. 

Bloggers, news reporters, and social media influencers are integral in gaining this kind of publicity. And for them an advance reader copy has to be assembled, which they can peruse ahead of the book release and inform their audience accordingly. 

Bring readers in with a chapter sample: 

Distributing a chapter sample, through the website or your social media profile, is the best way to draw readers to your writing. If you’ve published books in the past, they you’d probably have a dedicated group of readers who would be excited to read your next book. And if you’re a first-time author, it’ll be a means to introduce yourself to your potential target audience. 

If you end the excerpt on a cliffhanger or a shocking reveal, then it’ll make people automatically want to read more. Remember, therefore, to add information about how to buy the full book at the end of the sample.

In the end, even if we do all the above activities (apart from other gazillion activities), the book may still not sell as many copies as we would like it to.

Don't lost heart, keep trying and keep learning!

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