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Bharat, one of the twin capital cities (another is Anagh) of Shiv’s in the universe and a place that has always been sidelined by the nasty negative forces of the universe to ensure their supremacy over the light of divinity that has invariably been cherished only by the valour, velocity, and values of the SANATANISM, has a lot to enlighten the world about what is hidden in the pocket of the past and what is convulsing in the womb of the future. With the burning of the ancient Vedic written manuscripts by the Muslim invaders, history of the timeline got blurred, and this made the world cough their own versions of the origins of life and its possible routes. This comfortably selective ‘knowledge chaos’ has underplayed the role and place of Bharat in unscrambling the mysteries that are wrapping life and its stories. This book that’s been presented (not composed) to its author by the suppressed storm of the true past is a bona fide manifestation of the concealed reality.

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