After The Camera Stops Rolling

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Journalism happened to me, I have been a music buff [I mention this only because it was the source of my journalistic career] a teacher, and a bit inexplicable, even to myself. As soon as anyone starts sounding too serious about anything, I transform into a sharp object to burst their bubble. I'd get into trouble for this all my growing years but though I haven't been able to share this with anyone till today, it worked beautifully for me in journalism, particularly film journalism which was my line of work. Work????? As I've mentioned before, stars are people with bloated egos [what a stultifying cliché!] even the ones with no egos and you can imagine what happened to that sharp object in me!! But instead of harming me, it actually worked wonders in piquing the dear souls, making my life quite unbelievably bizarre. But that should be the topic for another book. [said she abruptly].

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