The Black Book - The Devil Lives Within Us

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You will not know me. It's better that way, everything is.Knowledge is the epitome of destruction. I write for none but myself, what you read does not have to be what you believe, it is merely what I have seen. I observe what I see and I make assumptions, then I derive conclusions.I see greed and temptation, I see how easily men fall for money and gold. I don't despite it though, the road to power could have never been clean. But it doesn't matter what I perceive reality as. It never really does matter what anyone thinks. It only ever matters what the man in power dictates. I will leave you with my writings and my thoughts. It may offend you or may it comfort you. That is it, these writings will tell you who I am and who I hope to become. I do not believe in God, but I do know the Devil exists, he exists inside us. And I can merely hope, that what I write will let you glimpse your own devil. I thank you.

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