Ammas Work From Home Buddy

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For a working mom, the post-pandemic work-from-home arrangement (WFH) has been both a blessing and a challenge. You get to spend time with the kids when you want to, but you are also forced to spend time with them when you can’t! This book is a tiny effort to support all work-from-home moms (irrespective of what you do) to let you know that you are not alone in the journey. Spend that ‘quality time’ with your little one by reading this book with them and give them ideas on how they can help make WFH easy for you, while you make it fun for them! Being torn between your kids and work, needs to be normalised. That’s the only way we find the balance. Let’s do it together!

Illustrator’s Note: A keen observer of ‘the daily life’, I try to seek magic in the mundane through my art-works. Illustrating this book provided the perfect opportunity to do that. Kids unwittingly help us view the world differently. Their unending questions, original remarks and antics can make any regular day eventful and extraordinary. The pictures are a glimpse into your messy yet fun week with your kid(s). While all the illustrations revolve around the mom and the kid and sometimes their pet dog, teeny tiny objects from their day to day have also been snuck in. I hope the colourful pages of this book inspire all of us to rediscover the kid in ourselves and the adult in our kids.

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