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Dr. Mogli’s Mirror deals with an individual who worked as record clerk with just high school qualification from first January, 1959 with monthly income of Rs. 75/-pm, in a hospital by applying the following terminology unwittingly without any “Master of Business Administration” qualification. He reached the highest positions such as working as WHO Consultant (United Nations body) and Sr. Consultant Adviser for Ministries of Health of 9 countries - India, Afghanistan, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE. He acquired highest qualifications in his professional field from UK and USA and participated and presented papers in 20 International Congress held all over the globe; delivered guest lectures in 14 overseas nations; published 125 scientific articles in international journals of repute and published 15 professional books, with his first book published in USA in the year 1996. He received professional awards and interacted with very high officials from all over the world during his professional life. His last salary was SR (Saudi Riyal) 26,000 per month with free accommodation, air travel from home town to place of work for family, tax free income and many other fringe benefits. Dr. Mogli Mirror contains 20 chapters where you will find many of management instances, though related to health field, but could be applied in any organization in any field. It showcases individual’s capability to deal with managerial and bureaucratic issues, professional disappointments and sacrifices and to learn valuable lessons that make an individual much more robust - physically, mentally and spiritually. The messages for Dr. Mogli’s Mirror sent by high officials, colleagues and assistants are incorporated fittingly in the book as an endorsement.

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