Why are You, You?

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The journey into yourself is the most fascinating and sometimes scary journey you may have undertaken. Our personality that reveals ourselves to the world has been carefully crafted from even before we were born and is being crafted till the present day. It includes our genes, brain, unconscious mind, family, society and the culture we are a part of. Sometimes we like ourselves, sometimes we are frustrated. We long for clarity and connection so that our emotions can be handled better. If only we knew why we do the things that we do, perhaps we could manage our lives more effectively. The mysteries of the universe are not as fascinating as the mysteries of our lives. Our emotions are usually our masters even when we think we have mastered them. Perhaps knowing why we think and feel the way we do would smoothen our lives and lead to greater peace. Join Dr. Cicilia Chettiar as she unravels this mystery called you. Remove the mask you didn’t know you were wearing. Reveal the person you didn’t know you were hiding. Discover… why are you, you?

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