This is done to ensure that all mistakes such as typo errors, spelling mistakes, missing punctuations etc are taken care of so that we have a clean and publishable manuscript.

Copy Editing

In copy editing, our editor looks at your manuscript in terms of consistency of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style. The editor ensures proper word usage and fixes awkward phrasing, suggesting alternatives when needed.

Comprehensive Editing

In comprehensive editing, our editor looks at the overall structure of the manuscript, including its concept and intended use, content, organization, design and style. The editor will work along with the author to ensure that the content is functional for the readers.

Interior Design

Interior design consists of typesetting the book in the relevant font styles, size, spacings etc. The typesetting of the book depends on the genre of the book e.g. typesetting of a poetry book is going to be very different from a fiction book.

Cover Design

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an old adage but most of us still form our first impression by the book cover. The cover will be designed in any of the following two ways -

  • We will provide you suitable images from stock photo to choose from and then we customize it to make it suitable for the book
  • The cover artist sketches / illustrates an image for the cover based on the central theme of the book


Based on the target audience / readers and the theme of the book, the following illustrations can be added in -


Physical Book

  • For authors who are just starting out and are not sure of the book will be received, POD is a viable option as the author does not have to invest upfront on the print cost of the book. However, the print cost per copy will be higher (compared to when printed in bulk). So the author will have to either set a higher MRP or willing to accept a low profit / royalty per copy sold.
  • For authors who are seeing good traction on their book and have established an audience, then bulk printing is a viable option. The print cost will be much lower (compared to when printed in POD) and the author will be able to make a higher profit / royalty per copy sold.
Audio Book


For genres like fiction, poetry, self help etc, ebooks have become a necessity. We help to convert physical manuscripts into ebook formats for the following devices -

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google Books
  • Kobo
Audio Book

Audio Book

Audiobooks is the fastest growing segment in digital publishing. The author can take help of our voice-over artists to record the book or can provide us the audio book recorded in his / her voice. The audio book is distributed in the following platforms:

  • Audible
  • Storytel
  • Google Audio Books

Online Stores

Amazon India, Amazon International, Flipkart, Goya Publishing

Audio Book
Audio Book
Audio Book
Audio Book
Audio Book
Audio Book

Offline Stores

The copy of the book is sent to the following for approval and stocking -

  • Book distributors & agencies (like Variety Book Depot, Jain Book Agency)
  • Libraries
  • Retail Stores (Crossword, Oxford)
Audio Book
Audio Book

Audio Book


Our partnership enables your book to be catalogued in various booksellers and libraries across the world

Audio Book

FB & Insta Page Setup

A dedicated book page is setup on Facebook and Instagram where we post 2-3 times a week. The posts are generally about the theme of the book, excerpts from the book, author profile & background etc.

Author Interview

This will be done in either Q & A format or a video format. The interview will then be posted / shared on social media as well as on Goya website.

Book Video Trailer

Video trailer of your book will be launched on FB page and YouTube. The trailer will contain a video with graphics / images related to the book's theme.

Online Poster

An online poster of the book is created which has the front cover of the book along with a short description, MRP and the distribution channel (Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart etc) information.

Press Release

The press release of the book is done through ANI news flash and PTI wire distribution.

Social Media Reviews

The copy of the book is sent to book reviewers on FB, Instagram, Youtube. The review will be ~800 words and will be posted on the reviewer’s social media profiles to generate awareness among his / her followers.

Amazon Reviews

The book page on Amazon is the main sale / touch point for the book’s prospective buyers. A book page with no ratings / reviews will drive away the buyers. We get reviews posted via genuine buyers on the page to give the book an initial push.

Author Page Setup - Amazon & Goodreads

The author page is setup on Amazon and Goodreads which has a short bio about the author as well his / her current and upcoming books.

Amazon Prime Placement

We will print your book and stock them at Amazon’s warehouse. There are 2 main advantages to the customer:

  • Customers do not have to pay any shipping charge as Amazon Prime offers free shipping.
  • Stocking directly at Amazon’s warehouse enables faster delivery.

Amazon Look Inside Preview

We will release an extract of your book on Amazon for the customers to go through and gauge the quality of the content. This can go a long way in helping them make their purchase decision.

Ad Campaign

Ad campaigns on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram etc help in creating awareness about the book among the intended audience. The ads can be started for as low as Rs 50/day.

Author Website

This is a completely customized website, designed as per the author’s inputs. It also has the payment gateway integrated for users to buy directly from the website itself.

Book Launch - Offline

A physical event can be arranged for a book launch / release in bookshops (Oxford etc / clubs etc). It includes mailing invites, an MC (master of ceremony) and high tea for a gathering of 30-40 people.

Email Campaign

An email campaign is used to send / broadcast the book flyer to thousands of mail ids in the specified age group / location.

ISBN & Govt Copyright Registration

Author’s Copyright registration is done with the Registrar of Copyright, Govt. of India. Author will get a copyright certificate after government verification. Author book’s ISBN is allocated within 3-4 days of receiving the manuscript from the Author.

Publishing Manager

As soon as the Author and Publisher’s contract is signed, a publishing manager is assigned to the Author who would take care of all the requirements ( w.r.t. publishing, designing etc) of the Author.

Sales Dashboard & Royalty Payout

The Author will be provided with a login on the Goya website where he / she can track the book sales and the royalty due to be paid to him / her. The Author has the option of withdrawing the royalty once every week.

Sales Notification

An email notification will be sent to the Author within 24 hours of a book sale (physical / ebook / audio)

Live Sharing of Publisher’s Dashboard

To make sales & royalty information more transparent & trustworthy, the Author has the option of having a live session (zoom, anydesk) with our team whereby the Author can look at the live data on Goya’s dashboard with the various distribution platforms i.e. Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart.

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