Dr Ambrish Srivastava

Dr Ambrish Srivastava

Dr Ambrish Srivastava M.D. is a medical practitioner with high interest in community health and service to underprivileged people. After working in medical colleges and health industries for more than 30 years, Dr Srivastava was associated with charitable health organizations to impart health care to the masses. He has visited several villages to treat poor people and distribute free medicines at their doorstep. He was conferred the Vishisht Chikitsa Medal in 1994 by Honourable Governor of Andhra Pradesh and Rastriya Rattan Award in 2005 by Honourable Governor of Gujarat for his role towards society and excellence in medical science. He has about 40 scientific publications in various Indian and International journals. 

published Books

Happiness From Illusion to Science

Despite the global search for happiness, it is considered a rare emotion. The more we chase happiness, the farther away it goes. The subject of happiness is so widely discussed that we all feel its absence. Besides social and cultural influences, scientific approaches towards happiness resound equally with vast studies on brain, neurochemicals and hormones that affect the experience of happiness. Fortunately, happiness is not static; it is a dynamic process that can be achieved through step-by-step self-development. 'Happiness: From Illusion to Science' explores the happiness experience through the window of science and pillars of moral virtues. It attempts to defy the illusionary beliefs about happiness and characterize it a chosen behavior in human through systematic and disciplined practice.

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