Dr Sandeep Dongre

Dr Sandeep Dongre

Worked in 10+ countries including USA, UK, Canada & Australia • Worked in corporate sector for 20+ years • Multiple world record holder in Yoga • YCB Examiner - Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India • Loves to teach Yogic subjects including Philosophy • Founder Director – The Ashtanga Institute of Yoga & Naturopathy • Corporate Yoga Trainer and Naturopath • Works with people to resolve their health issues • Strongly advocates natural living & natural food habits Ÿ Treats chronic ailments through yoga and Naturopathy

published Books

For YCB L1 - Exam Guide Book

This book contains chapter wise notes which are very easy to understand and crack the highly sought after YCB certifications. Since the author himself is an experienced YCB examiner he understand the exam methods and expectations very well. He has trained many students and helped them to get through the exams easily.

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