Javed Siddiqui

Javed Siddiqui

Javed Ahmed Siddiqui is a Seasoned Sales professional and Sales Strategist. He is an MBA in Marketing. Over his more than 20 years of sales experience he has worked across multiple industries, broadly dealing in sales functions. In his debut Book "Quantum Tools of Sales", he has shared various Modern-day Sales tools and techniques, i.e. Modern and Traditional Sales Psychology, Neuro Selling, Neuromarketing and different Cognitive Sales bias and Sales Nudging techniques which are extremely important for every salesperson to know so that they can maintain strategic growth and guarantee success in their Sales endeavours.

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Quantum Tools of Sales

Books are modern-day mentors. They're like having unparalleled access to the greatest minds of our generation and generations past the principles mentioned in Quantum Tools of Selling will help you sell anything you want, be it a product, a service, a philosophy, an idea, or, most important, yourself! The book will give you the tools you need to handle various aspects of selling. This book teaches you how to engage the right customer in the right way with help of various Quantum Sales Tools like Neuro-Marketing, Neuro-Selling, Neuro Linguistic Sales Programming, Cognitive Biases, Sales-Nudging techniques, and Deep Psychology of Sales. The book gives you access to all the Sales processes, Strategy, planning, Execution analysis, Consumer behaviours, that you need to scale your business.

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