Messenger Sage

Messenger Sage

The author is a veteran of the Indian Air Force, who researched on the scientific aspects of spiritualism almost for the past 18 years to write this book. The author is an enlightened being and writes under his pen name “Messenger Sage”. 

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Eternal Blue

This book is primarily for the people, who are frustrated in their life due to financial crisis, diseases, love setbacks and facing continuous failures. How intense the connectivity with our superior soul or ETERNAL BLUE decides how successful we are. The book gives scientific explanations on invisible spirits, energy body, Chakras, healing and body electricity. Astrology, Palmistry, Acupuncture, Mantra, Yoga, Meditation, etc. are interrelated and associated with the physical body in one or other manner. Usually people have a misconception that materialism and spiritualism are on different planes. Fact is that both are at the bottom and top of our physical body respectively. That means, the health of the physical body plays a major role in both spiritualism and materialism. Consider the renowned Yoga masters as testimonials. They are multi-billionaires because they have a clean body & spirit. Another example can be observed from the film stars, who do a lot of exercise to maintain their body shape and use certain ornaments. A very effective ‘Ornament Therapy’ to cure even the so-called incurable diseases is introduced in this book. Only one person can save us from our entire problem; that is none other than the self. Mere reading of this book will not fetch results; one has to experiment with it. This book is also for religious fanatics. The mysteries of the great legends like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bible and Quran are unravelled in this book from an extremely unusual magnitude. It proves that the core subject of the great epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata are the same. Hindu is just a Mantra; Rama & Krishna are mere fictional characters of the great saints and the wars of those epics carry some other meaning. Jesus was not crucified and the actual meaning of the Cross, Sacred wounds and Bible verses are different. The circumcision is not beneficial; the Battle of Badr and the meaning of Jihad mentioned in the Quran is something else.

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