Mohan Narayanan

Mohan Narayanan

At 86 years, Mr Mohan is still prolific in the pursuit of arts – writing, music and movie-making. An engineer by profession, he started fiction writing at the age of 74, after an illustrious career of over forty years in Germany and India, holding top positions in various engineering industries.

Before that, he had written four plays, two of them staged in the US. From 1999 to 2015 he was Professor for MBA studies at BITS Pilani and has a wide circle of his students still in touch with him.

published Books

Calling The Cows

Set in North-Eastern Scotland, by the side of the river Tay, the Atchinsons - Lachlan and Gordania - run a small dairy with Kraish, an Afro-Indian, as farm hand. Their daughter Isla is studying to be a Veterinary doctor in the nearby Edinburgh University. Isla and Kraish stumble upon some strange sharks, with horns and hooves. They trace this to a genetic mutation of the species over an almost 30 year period. Combining Science Fiction with Indian Mythology, CALLING THE COWS is a fast paced thriller which will keep you hooked till the end!


In the Indian Vedic system of worship of the nine major planets – the Navagrahas – the most important are Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangal) and Jupiter (Guru). These planets’ periodical celestial transitions affect human lives. Of these three planets, the first two are considered to be at times seriously malevolent and are therefore the most respected and prayed to. This fascinating adventure story handles these two planets in rather extreme ways: Mars as the futuristic destination for man's space technology ventures, and Saturn as from the past Hindu/Mayan mythological scriptures

The Switch

Vishal, a successful and high-ranking executive, is interviewed for a top position in a much larger company by Maneka, the head of its Human Resources. He accepts the job, after which she seduces him, leaving unforgettable memories for Vishal. When Vishal takes up the new job, his boss Inder introduces to him his wife Mena, who is the twin-sister of Maneka. Vishal is confused as to which of the twins actually interviewed him for the new job. Inder is an ardent art collector and one of his prized paintings is the famous Vishwamitra and Menaka by Raja Ravi Varma. He finds that Vishal also has the same painting. Inder’s arts advisor Bhishwas convinces him that what Vishal has is the original one and Inder’s painting is just a fake. Along with Bhishwas, Inder plots to switch or swap the paintings. He arranges to sell off his own painting overseas and replace it with Vishal’s genuinely original. But things do not work the way Inder had planned and lead to Mena “switching” from Inder to Vishal as her new husband.

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