Pranav Tyagi

Pranav Tyagi

Pranav Tyagi was born in Delhi in 1998. He did his initial schooling from the Delhi Public School, East of Kailash and then from class one onwards he shifted to the Shri Ram School Aravali in Gurugram. He is currently a 3rd year law student at the Jindal Global Law School and intends taking up the career of corporate law. He has a fascination for criminal psychology. He also loves listening to songs sung by Jim Reeves and old melodies sung by Kishore Kumar. He loves visiting Dehradun every year where his roots are. He is not very fond of talking but always makes it a point to speak where it seems necessary. One of his biggest milestones so far has been scoring a perfect 100 in the ISC Accounts board exam class 12, after having scored 38 percent in the pre boards. He is a man of strong likes and stronger dislikes and is not very fond of flamboyance or flamboyant people. He believes simplicity is the great- est virtue one can ever possess. 

published Books

The Pendulum Within

‘The Pendulum Within’ revolves around two people who have been married for nearly five years. However due to tensions and stress arising between them, they started developing different sorts of thoughts towards each other. Ajay, an immensely successful lawyer, is in a dilemma regarding his wife. At times he feels he should divorce her and end the relationship, on the other hand he remembers the good moments that he has had with his wife. The story highlights the fact that an individual is indecisive, vulnerable, introspective and it is okay to be that way. Various concepts of human personality are brought up in the story, and the story follows the style of ‘analepsis’ and ‘soliloquy’. It is the story about the battles which one fights all the time within oneself

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