Romharsh Mittal

Romharsh Mittal

Romharsh is a fervent fan of honor, loyalty, and chivalry. An original thinker and researcher endowed with intellectual curiosity and vigor, specifically in the subjects of Psychology, Management, and Computer Science, he is a keen learner and has a passion for writing. His hobbies include reading, photography, traveling, singing, and listening to music.


Romharsh has tried to pen down all those lessons that he has learned till now. He says, “At this age, I don't actually know how successful I would be as an adult, but yes, I have complete confidence in myself and in my ideas. Finally, I believe that our lives are defined by small moments and situations and the one who manages to conquer them is bound to succeed in life.”

published Books

The Five Balls Of Life

In today’s extraordinary times, the book provides a new perspective on what it takes to juggle the five balls of life. Written by a very young (who is still in his teens) first time author, Romharsh Mittal, the book talks about how to achieve the balance in such times when ‘Social Distancing’ and ‘Work From Home’ have become the new normal. The focus should be on ‘Multiple Sources of Education’ rather than ‘Multiple Sources of Income’ and using technology to create something long-lasting. In the end, the most important thing in today’s time is to Stay Contented & Stay Happy

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