Shashi Pathria

Shashi Pathria

Shashi Pathria was born in Patti, Amritsar, Punjab on January 8, 1949. After completing his diploma in Pharmacy from Medical College in Amritsar, he opened a pharmacy shop in 1980 and later started working as an insurance professional in 1982. He was trained in the basics of ayurveda and spirituality by Guru Shri 108 Satya Dev Vasisht, narhi specialist, at Bhiwani, Haryana in 1980, after which he started his ayurveda practice. 

Ever since then, he has made it his mission to make everyone around healthier. He has written this book—shared the wisdom of ayurveda and other related philosophies—for the same reason. If followed, these teachings can help a person lead a life full of energy and bliss. 

Shashi has been an active member of Rotary International since 1970 and has participated in various social initiatives as a part of it.

He currently resides in Mumbai, and has embarked on the next phase of his journey, as a holistic healer. He can be reached at and

published Books

Aim of Life

We deeply value good health in our modern society, yet we live in a society that is so out of balance, it damages our long-term health and leaves us weak. We rush around and push our bodies beyond its capacities. It seems we have forgotten the wisdom of the ages—that good health is not just the absence of disease, but the presence of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mental attitude. The doctor of the future will not just give medicines, but will look to address the root cause of the condition as well. To ensure good health, eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness and maintain an interest in life. This book will place you on the right path, towards such a future, if you follow the various teachings listed out by its author, Shashi Pathria.

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