Smita Amit

Smita Amit

Born in the family of Professors, Smita Amit grew up in the temple town of Gorakhpur. The lazy ambiance of the unique town, coupled with the staple diet of books of all genres, that she grew up with; made her a dreamer of sorts. Her life as the wife of an army officer added to her myriad experiences as she traversed the entire ancient land of Bharat. Though she has been writing poems since she was around 7 or 8 , this is her first foray into the world of story writing. An Alumnus of Carmel Inter College, Gorakhpur, and Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow, she is a post-graduate in Botany. She has a rich experience of almost 3 decades as an educator,  with more than 14 of them as principal of reputed senior secondary schools in the capital. The lockdown gave her an opportunity to fulfill her wish of telling the innumerable stories that have always floated in her imagination. 

published Books

After I Turned 14

Only two things are certain in life-birth and death. In between the two, a web of emotions, duty, and commitment shapes the living days of a human being. Is this web pre-ordained, or is it in our hands? Do we travel from one lifetime to another with imprints of these webs guiding us? Who can answer these questions with certainty? This novel follows one such interwoven network of webs, which affects an entire family and showers it with upheavals, recriminations, uncertainties, joys, and sorrows. In the course of this journey, two couples separated by time, fate, and conscience realise that soul connections are rare but deep, as they undergo their trials by fire.

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