Utsaha Khare

Utsaha Khare

Utsaha Khare, a serial entrepreneur in food, fashion and technology, has seen success and failure in equal proportion. Through his consulting engagements, he has travelled quite the world but remains deeply rooted to his origins in the hindi heartland.

His sensibilities have an eclectic mix of the rich heritage of the east and the commercial vibrancy of the west, having studied and worked across. From fraternising at business conferences to interacting with weavers in remote villages, he brings a unique perspective on emotional engineering and the faculty of relationship

published Books

You Are All My Reasons

Mira, who heads the design function in a leading fashion house finds her state of ‘comfortably numb’ being disrupted by the arrival of a colleague, Rishabh. Arduous, attractive, and irritatingly difficult to ignore, his charm slips through the creeks in her otherwise stoned-by-wound heart. Her reluctance shattered by his congeniality gradually matures into emotional intimacy, which gets eclipsed by the grey clouds of her yesteryears bruised with heartbreak, pain, and loss. You Are All My Reasons is a story that captures a girl’s internal struggles against the design of destiny. Battling against a past that’s left her bereft of hope, she indulges in a ballet of emotions that precipitates her true self. Will Rishabh be able to make Mira realize that while the secret of life can be assimilated from the past, it can truly be lived only in the future?

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