Vimala Jajoo

Vimala Jajoo

Vimala Jajoo has a deep passion for art. She is a self-taught artist with 15 years of professional experience in painting, drawing and doing a variety of fine arts. She conducts workshops in colleges and schools and is known to tailor her teaching styles for one to one and online sessions.

She has participated in art exhibitions in India and abroad and displayed her distinguished artwork in international airports in India.


Her paintings adorn the walls of quite a few art lovers around the globe. 


She is based in Coimbatore Tamilnadu. Her other creative interests are writing prose and poetry in Hindi and English. 


published Books

Journey to Creative Coloring Part-1

This coloring book taking shape is a dream come true for me. As an artist, I strongly believe that colors answer feelings, shapes answer thought and movement answers will. I want to share this experience of mine with children and art lovers. The Coloring pages in this book have both simple and complex unique designs that will satiate the thirst for coloring as well as hone the skills of sense and usage of colors. Many may benefit with learning to create new shapes and designs. Pencil colors, brush pens, sketch pens, crayons, pastel colors and the like can be used. Shading with a regular pencil can also be done. For the best coloring experience, embark on one page at a time and finish coloring it with patience and determination before moving to the next one. Let the colored pages showcase your coloring efficiency and growth, thereby inspire you to do more and better. Hope this activity brings happiness to you.

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